Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Deployment Project #98 - Craft Reveal....sort of...

Deployment Project #98
Craft Room Reveal...sort of...

Well, here I am with just a few days left before the hubs comes home from his 14 month long deployment. My nerves are already on edge and the anxiety is about to hit the roof.   For 14 months I have been working diligently on my house trying to get it in order and just the way I want it.  Let's face it, you'll never have your house EXACTLY the way you want it. There will ALWAYS be things you want to add/take away....even though I have worked hard on my house this past year and am pleased with the results, I still don't feel like it's done. BUT, the good news is, now I can start on my POST-deployment projects, right?!?!? :-)

So, here we are on my very last room to show to you.

My craft room.

I am not 100% done in here, but 90% of it is complete. A few tweaks here and there will get it just like I want it...... I hope.

Let's take a look at it BEFORE...


And here are some NOW pics...


A few posts back I showed you my DIY Craft Desk. You can check it out HERE



Then I made this rug for the room....you can catch up on that post HERE


Then I hung up photos on the wall... I originally was going to do a blog post on how to do this, but I lost my before pics....guess it would be to my advantage to learn how to be organized ((sigh))...




My corner hutch holds supplies...you can read about it HERE


Last week, I put up this peg board. Read about it HERE



The dresser was mine from childhood that I repainted. Read about that HERE


I haven't had a chance to blog about this fun alternative bulletin board. I took an old picture frame. Covered a piece of cardboard in fabric and put it in the frame. Now I can use it as a place to pin up my sewing patterns!!


So, here is my sewing/craft/monogramming room. My kids even have a table in here so they can color/draw alongside me!!!


So, one more look at BEFORE


...and AFTER

So, there you go. I have now revealed all of my home make overs! Sta tuned for a Home Tour tomorrow!!!!


Emily said...


Cheri said...

You have done a great job. Yeah!

So happy to hear your hubby will be home. We have a SIL in the army currently deployed...thank you and your husband for courage and strength to get through these tough times. We appreciate it.

Grammy Goodwill said...

Your craft room looks like a place you'll love to stay in. The kiddies will, too. Good job.

Melissa, The Happier Homemaker said...

Looks great! I love the fabric bulletin board!

Tayskye said...

YAY!! Hubby coming home!! Deployments are so hard...

The craft room looks fantastic. I LOVE the white dresser!!

Shan said...

What a fabulous job! I love before and after photos! Thank you so much for joining Roomspiration: Craft Rooms. I can't believe you did that all on your own! Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment. So glad you're husband will be home soon. Enjoying your blog!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Just found your blog through the craft room party. Great space!