Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deployment Project #93...DIY Rug

Deployment Project #93
DIY Painted Rug

In an effort to finish my craft room, I wanted to put a rug in it. I looked everywhere, but rugs just aren't as cheap as I would like them to be!

See this one??? (website HERE) It's $1,200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm crazy, but not THAT crazy!

So, I made my own.....

Looking on Pinterest one day, I came across the blog A Little Bit Of Everything who had painted a rug like this. She included the template to use and the how to, so I was able to go right to work!

I headed to Target and bought a $20 rug and got started. It took about 2 days working here and there on it, but overall it was easy as pie!!!

Here is my finished rug for my craft room!




One more project down....just 7 more to go.....and the best part is, the hubby will be home in less than 2 weeks!!!!! I'm starting to get a little sad that my deployment projects are ending....but so excited to finish this year long journey and have him back! I'm getting so impatient!!!! Eeeeeekkkkk!!!!!

Please check back for the last of my projects!!!!


Lindsay said...

This looks awesome!

Blessed x3 said...

I love how you took a cheap rug & made it your own! It looks great!

Mira said...

I love your deployment projects. I am addicted to your blog. I am so happy that the hubs in coming home soon, but I hope your projects continue.

My Magic Mom said...

I found your blog last night and I can relate to the deployment projects. Focusing on projects around the house sure helps the time pass quicker. I figure it's projects or lots of trash TV while he's gone, so I might as well be productive. With a looming deployment, I have several projects up my sleeve, but for now I'm trying to focus on painting our bedroom and bathroom. I also picked a gray color. :)

Jodie said...

Looks Fantastic! Stopping by from Delightful Order;)

Warm Wishes,

Shoofly Mama said...

I will be doing this one when the kids go back to school for my office!! You are so freaking talented, girl!!

Kate@TwentySixToLife said...

It looks great - awesome job!

A Lived in Home said...

Cuteness! You're so crafty!

Jessa Smith said...

I'm dying to try this to a floor runner - this turned out so cute!


Michele Pacey said...

Oh you did a great job, and way to save money too!

Angela said...

I want to tr this in the worst way, but I'm really scared that I'll devote time into it and that one of my kids will spill on it or worse, my dog will drag her nasty butt across the carpet! I have a little blog party every Thursday called Simply Creative over at I'd love it if you linked it up!


Cindy said...

i love much cheaper and cheaper is GOOD!!!

it looks great in your space....

hugs, cindy

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

I like your version more :) Looks perfect in your room. I'm putting it in the Spotlight this week. Thanks for linking up.