Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deployment Project # 81 - A Refinished Dresser

Deployment Project # 81
A New-Old Dresser

Take a look at this 1970's dresser.

It was mine as a child, and for the longest time has been sitting in a closet because I was too embarrassed to display it in any room.

Not anymore.

My husband even told me we needed to donate this to Goodwill. Can you believe that?!?

This totally looks like it came out of the home of the Brady Bunch!


A while back I showed you how I painted my corner hutch (click HERE to see)

I used the same technique with this dresser since they are both in the same room.


I spray painted the knobs with ORB (oil rubbed bronze) spray paint, and used the glaze to distress it.



Here is is BEFORE

...and here is the AFTER

And to think I kept this beauty in a closet....


Laura Beth said...

LOVE the dresser, but what caught my eye the most was your last name in the photos! That is AWESOME! did you think of that?!?! Ive seen those places and would love to do that with my last name...hmmm youve inspired me! :) Im on a mission for letter shaped random objects! :) Thanks Paige!!!!

Amanda said...

beautiful! Keep up the great work! Love your work. very inspiring!

Ellie said...

so pretty! love it :)

xo ellie