Tuesday, August 14, 2012

4 Months Old

Gibson, you are now 4 months old!!

What are you up to now?!?

At your 4 months check up you were 18lbs. 2oz and 27 inches long...95% for both height and weight! You are a strong, healthy boy!! (and headed for a big career as a linebacker!)

 You are at the end of Size 2 diapers....ready for the next size up!

You took your first trip this month...to the beach...9 hours away....you weren't crazy about your car seat, but you got used to it on the way back home. We all needed ear plugs at first, but you did great on the way home!

You found your toes and sat in a high chair for the first time this month....

You STILL aren't sleeping through the night...(sigh)...but you are able to go in 6 hour stretches...most of the time you just wake up once to eat, but Mama sure would like for you to do the typical 10-12 hours she's been waiting for!

You are a very happy baby most of the time...you still don't want to conform to a napping schedule. One day you sleep great for your naps, the next day you want to cat nap all day long...

 You are growing out of your 3-6 month clothes...and moving into 9 or 12 month clothing...pretty soon we will have to move you out of your infant car seat, and you are only 4 months old!!!

 You have rolled over a few times, but just a few times...however, you do like to sleep on your side, so I think you are about to roll over and over soon!!

We finally can bathe you without you screaming your head off...you finally enjoy it!!!! yay!!

You have a contagious laugh...your giggle is the cutest thing ever....you even snort when you get laughing really hard!

Still not taking a pacifier, but you love to stick your entire fist in your mouth and gnaw on your fingers! Lots of drool.....

...and you still struggle with your reflux. Still on Zantac for it....we go through lots of bibs, burp cloths and outfits each day!

You "talk" yourself to sleep...lots of groaning until you drift off....it's so cute!

We continue to love you more each day....and are so grateful to be your parents! God is good!!!