Saturday, June 25, 2011

Look Alikes

Have you seen the movie "Just Go With It'???

I have not seen it, but NUMEROUS people have told me I need to watch it. They have all said the little girl in it, actress Bailee Madison, looks just like my oldest. 


So, I had to see for myself. I look up her pictures on the web and compared them with those of my oldest.

Here is Bailee Madison (the actress)

..and here is my daughter (the drama queen)  :-)

Soooo, let's see the comparison.....


Sooooo, you be the judge....could they pass as sisters?!?!?!  :-)

On another note...deployment project #97 is coming up....don't miss it!!


Jane said...

That is a really good look a like. They totally look like they could be related. I think it would be interesting to see if they still looked alike in 10 years too!

Jennifer said...

I'll be honest, I came across your blog and saw a picture of your daughter and immediately thought of the actress. I went to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) because I was convinced they were the same girl until I read her name! They are both beautiful and could easily pass as twins!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

YES! i thought the same thing. that little girl was in a movie a couple of years ago...."brothers" maybe? the one with jake G and toby M....anyway, i thought it then and i thought it again when i saw " just go with it". both such cuties!!!

Amna said...

I just saw the movie last week on the airplane...and was like WOW, is "Faith's Place" hiding her daughter's stardom from us? They look exactly alike!!!

Mandy said...

As I watched that movie in the theater, I thought she looked familiar. I just couldn't figure out who she resembles. But that's it! Your daughter! That's who it was. How funny!