Monday, December 31, 2012

8 Months

Okay, I REAAAAALLLY need to be better about this blogging job....I've totally abandoned you, friends. I promise, it's not on purpose. Life is crazy around do you moms with 3 (or more) do it?!?!? Whew! I stay on fast forward most days!!!
So, Gibson turned 8 months old back on December 10th....and it's Decemeber 31st right least I am updating this before his next month rolls around, right?
Gibson is now 8 months old...

*Weighs in around 22 pounds....WOW!

If you see a picture of him sitting still, it's a rare moment. This little guy has discovered he can MOVE, and he does...all.the.time.
12 month clothes are getting shorter and shorter on him...he's moving into 12-18months clothes 8 months old!!!!!

He's such a sweet boy...always happy...always smiling...never meets a stranger...

 I can't believe 8 months (and now almost 9 since I'm late typing this) has gone by so quickly. Even though I am trying to savro every moment with him, I feel like time is moving in fast forward....the third baby definitely grows faster than the older two.

 He loves his big sisters....I don't know what they did for entertainment before he came along.
I'll be back  in a couple weeks for his 9 month stats....I hope.
Happy New Year to you all!

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Mandy said...

I love seeing all the pictures you post of Gibson, he is a gorgeous baby!! I wish I could tell you things settle down, but they don't. Three kids is a circus of fun, all the time! ;)