Monday, December 31, 2012

8 Months

Okay, I REAAAAALLLY need to be better about this blogging job....I've totally abandoned you, friends. I promise, it's not on purpose. Life is crazy around do you moms with 3 (or more) do it?!?!? Whew! I stay on fast forward most days!!!
So, Gibson turned 8 months old back on December 10th....and it's Decemeber 31st right least I am updating this before his next month rolls around, right?
Gibson is now 8 months old...

*Weighs in around 22 pounds....WOW!

If you see a picture of him sitting still, it's a rare moment. This little guy has discovered he can MOVE, and he does...all.the.time.
12 month clothes are getting shorter and shorter on him...he's moving into 12-18months clothes 8 months old!!!!!

He's such a sweet boy...always happy...always smiling...never meets a stranger...

 I can't believe 8 months (and now almost 9 since I'm late typing this) has gone by so quickly. Even though I am trying to savro every moment with him, I feel like time is moving in fast forward....the third baby definitely grows faster than the older two.

 He loves his big sisters....I don't know what they did for entertainment before he came along.
I'll be back  in a couple weeks for his 9 month stats....I hope.
Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

7 Months Old...a little behind

SOOOO, Gibson is almost 8 months old so I am trying to catch up on his monthly updates...
Gibson turned 7 months old on November 10th...
The big boy weighs in at over 21 pounds now...
Still a size 3 diaper
12 month size clothing
Not only is he crawling like a mad man, but he's pulling up too!!! I feel like the fast forward button just keeps getting pushed on him. SLOW DOWN!!!!
He eats solids 2 times a day....loves bananas, but hates peaches
I've been making his baby food, and I love doing it! I know he's getting fresh fruits and veggies everyday!
He loves to put things in his mouth...anything he can get his hands on!!!
Had his first ear infection over Thanksgiving, but seems to be on the mend now!
Time is flying with this little guy, and I am trying to savor every precious moment! He's so much fun to be around and loves to make people smile!!

6 months!...a month late!

Okay...I have fallen off the blogging wagon...I guess that's what having 3 kids will do to a mom! WHEW!

But I DO want to catch you without further hesitation....

Gibson is (was) 6 months old...

He weighed 20 pounds even and was 28 inches tall...90% for both height and weight!
Size 3 diapers
Celebrated his first Halloween as a bag of popcorn!
Size 9-12 months clothes already!
Rolling over, laughing and army man crawling!
He has such a sweet personality, and is happy even when he's tired!
He eats solids 2 times a day..mostly cereal...
Still doesn't sleep through the night...maybe 1 or 2 times a week, but not on a consistent basis

He loves his puppy, and his puupy loves him!!! ;-)

Monday, October 8, 2012

5 Months!

Gibson, you are 5 months old now!!!!!

You weigh around 19lbs now...and over 27inches long...
You love to gnaw on anything you can get your hands on. Everything you touch goes to your mouth!
You don't mind baths fact, you love to kick your feet and splash as soon as we put you in the tub!
You are rolling around like a mad man....
You eat cereal one time a night, and you love it...
You are in 9mo and some 12 month clothing and wear a size 3 diaper....
You are a very happy boy...smiling all the time...
Still not sleeping all night, although you did do it twice in a row one week, so I know you can do it.
We are completely in love with you and love watching you grow!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Will you pleasse vote?

Okay, so I am NOT a fan of these silly contests people put their kids in, and then BUG you to death to vote for their kids....
I mean, what are the chances the kid is going to win?!?
I am doing something I said I'd never do....I've put Gibson in one of "those" contests.
At the encouragement of several friends who claim he looks just like the Gerber baby, I have entered him in the Gerber baby contest.
What's in it for me?
The winner gets money for college...and let me be honest, having 3 kids who have no choice but to go to college....we will need the money! ;-)
So here is the link:
Please vote for my little can vote daily...
Thank you so much in advance!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

4 Months Old

Gibson, you are now 4 months old!!

What are you up to now?!?

At your 4 months check up you were 18lbs. 2oz and 27 inches long...95% for both height and weight! You are a strong, healthy boy!! (and headed for a big career as a linebacker!)

 You are at the end of Size 2 diapers....ready for the next size up!

You took your first trip this the beach...9 hours weren't crazy about your car seat, but you got used to it on the way back home. We all needed ear plugs at first, but you did great on the way home!

You found your toes and sat in a high chair for the first time this month....

You STILL aren't sleeping through the night...(sigh)...but you are able to go in 6 hour stretches...most of the time you just wake up once to eat, but Mama sure would like for you to do the typical 10-12 hours she's been waiting for!

You are a very happy baby most of the still don't want to conform to a napping schedule. One day you sleep great for your naps, the next day you want to cat nap all day long...

 You are growing out of your 3-6 month clothes...and moving into 9 or 12 month clothing...pretty soon we will have to move you out of your infant car seat, and you are only 4 months old!!!

 You have rolled over a few times, but just a few times...however, you do like to sleep on your side, so I think you are about to roll over and over soon!!

We finally can bathe you without you screaming your head finally enjoy it!!!! yay!!

You have a contagious laugh...your giggle is the cutest thing even snort when you get laughing really hard!

Still not taking a pacifier, but you love to stick your entire fist in your mouth and gnaw on your fingers! Lots of drool.....

...and you still struggle with your reflux. Still on Zantac for it....we go through lots of bibs, burp cloths and outfits each day!

You "talk" yourself to sleep...lots of groaning until you drift's so cute!

We continue to love you more each day....and are so grateful to be your parents! God is good!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Post: Katie from Coupon Cravings

Recently, I was contacted by Coupon Cravings, a site with over 30,000 followers.

Katie Sorensen, the founder, gives great tips on where to find the best deals, freebies and coupons.

You can find her site by clicking HERE

After documenting my pregnancy week by week, Katie asked if she could be a guest on my blog!! Of course she can!

Check out what Katie has to say about tips for a Stress Free Pregnancy:

Pregnant Pause: Savings Tips For a Stress-Free Pregnancy

Saving money isn’t on many new moms’ list of what to expect when they’re expecting. But there are ways to keep from overspending.  Here are a few hints to help you save a bundle before your bundle of joy arrives:

·         Don’t Panic – You’re not the first mom to worry about finances.  Check around online and ask other moms for how they handled the extra costs, and start saving everywhere you can.
o        Experienced parent Kate Sorenson of Coupon Cravings understands how expensive a family can be and offers discounts and deals to help curb costs in daily life.
o’s Ten Ways to Save Money During Pregnancy, addresses the stress of being a first time parent and addresses the most important aspect to saving money while pregnant: planning.
The bottom line: You’re not the first person, and there’s lots of help out there, whether it’s from friends, family, or online. The key is to plan ahead and utilize every opportunity to save.

·         For Mom – Maternity clothes can be extremely expensive, especially considering how much they wear (or don’t) in the relatively short time most women use them. 
o        This can make maternity items an especially good find at consignment shops, thrift stores, and garage sales.  “Because the clothes can only be worn for a certain period of time, they are often in good condition,” says 
o        Another simple trick for saving money on clothing for the mom-to-be comes from 6 Tips to Save Money During Pregnancy at, which suggests buying “empire-waist shirts that can be worn after pregnancy instead of maternity tops.” 
The bottom line:  The most important thing to remember here is moderation.  Writes  “Don’t go overboard…you are only pregnant for nine months.  Don’t overstock your wardrobe, and stick to the basics.” 

·         For Baby – It’s very easy with all the safety regulations and advertisements to go overboard and buy the most expensive of everything for your baby. As stated above, keep moderation in mind. 
o        “You don’t have to buy the most expensive crib or mittens for your baby unless you’re Jennifer Lopez,” cautions How to Save Money During Pregnancy on  “There are plenty of affordable yet durable brands that will last you for years, you just have to figure out where you can find them.”  .
o also has a unique suggestion for stocking up on diapers:  “Buy one pack of diapers every payday while you’re still pregnant so you will have less to worry about once the baby finally arrives.”  Not only will this help you be prepared for diaper changes once you bring your little one home, you will also know a good deal on diapers when you see one (before you are too sleep-deprived to do math).
The bottom line:  There is plenty of shopping for baby that can be done before the big arrival.  Start early, research deals on-line, and shop sales to save money without feeling like you’re cutting corners.

So, expectant mothers--do your homework, stay on track, and enjoy your nesting time. If you take these experts’ advice, you can use the time while you’re waiting for your little miracle to achieve some truly miraculous savings!

Thanks so much, Katie, for your post!!!  

Happy Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 3 Months!!!

Gibson, you are 3 months old today!!!

What are you up to now?????

*You are up to roughly 16 pounds and over 25 inches long!! Such a big boy!!

* You still aren't sleeping through the night, but you are only up once a night.  You are still a little cat-napper during the day, most of the time.

* You are still in 3-6 month clothing, but you are getting really close to needing 6-9 months are really long!! A basketball player, perhaps?!?

*You aren't rolling over yet, but I know that milestone is not far away....

*You don't mind your bath as much still cry sometimes, but you are getting used to it.

*You hate your car last about 5 minutes in it before you start screaming. Our family trip to Florida (8 hour ride) should be very interesting in a few weeks!

*You don't like a pacifier, and you're getting close to finding your love to suck on your hand. When you are tired you grab the back of your cute!

*You went swimming for the first time this month at the lasted about 20 minutes, and then slept for 3 hours afterwards....the lake may be the trick to getting rid of your catnaps!

* You're a little "talker"...babbling all day long! I love makes everyone smile!

*You laugh out loud now...and it's one of the best sounds I have ever heard!

*You have big beautiful blue eyes, just like your Daddy. I hope they stay that way!

*You really love your light up with a huge smile every time they walk in a room!

*You are still suffering from extreme reflux...see below go through at least 2-3 outfits a day and 2-3 bibs and burp cloths. You're on Baby Zantac to help with the burning but it's not helping the spit up factor!

*You love to "stand" and when not standing you're constantly kicking your feet....this is no surprise since you were always kicking me when you were in my belly!

*You are growing so fast, and getting cuter and cuter every day!!!! We are so blessed to have are the perfect fit for our family!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Looking back...a bit....

Hope you had a great 4th of July!! We had a nice, quiet 4th here....

Took the kids to the beach for the first part of the day....

The girls enjoyed some waves...

While Baby G ad I spent our time in the pop-up cabana....

Since Baby Gibson was a week old, I started putting his pictures on Facebook each week to document his age...

every Tuesday he turns another week older...

This week he is 12 weeks old...and I think it's starting to sound silly to say how old he is in "weeks"...

Or is it??

I figure now that I have started documenting his weeks...why should I stop?!? 

Even though I won't call him "X weeks old" from here on out, I am still going to document his week by week in photos...

I thought it would be neat to take a picture of him every Tuesday for 52 weeks. Sounds fun right? First I had a list of 100 home projects....then almost 39 weeks of pregnancy photos...and now I'll have 52 photos of Gibson's first year. Why not?!? ;-)
I mean, I know you ALL want to see a photo of my child every week, right?!? ;-)

So, for the fun of it, let's do it...and let's get started now with a little recap...

April 10, 2012
all 9 pounds 12 ounces of pure perfection...
Day 1

Just looking at these pictures, it's amazing to see how much he has changed from just one week to the next!! 

I'm excited to take on this fun 52 week picture project...

hope will join me every week to see a new photo!!!