Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Elf On The Shelf


Do you have an Elf on The Shelf???

Well, if you don't, then you should. They are the best!

Elf on The Shelf is a little stuffed elf that comes with a book. The book tells children that the little elf is Santa's helper. He watches them during the day, and at night he reports back to Santa to tell him if the boys/girls have been good that day. In the morning the kids find him in a new spot in the house where he stays all day until he "reports" back to Santa....

My girls LOVE the Elf on The Shelf....I wish I had a bunch of pictures, but I keep forgetting to take a new picture each day of the Elf....but I can tell you, this morning he is sitting in our Christmas tree, yesterday he was sitting in our chandelier, the day before that he was sitting on the shoulders of a Santa doll we have. Last weekend, he got into the cereal and poured it all over the counter....he must have tried to make some breakfast...

If you don't have an Elf on The Shelf this year, and you have small children... I highly recommend getting one!!!

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