Thursday, May 19, 2011

Guest Post: Elisabeth from BOVAGOODS

hi everyone! i'm elisabeth bova and my blog is bovagoods.

i am so thrilled to be here on faith's place today!

paige is such a sweet friend. and as you already know, she is a very inspiring person.  i have seen her house in person and all of the amazing projects she has done since her hubby has been deployed and they are truly inspiring. i am so fortunate to be able to see paige's hard work up close and personal.....and to be able to call her my friend. :) 

paige and i have a lot in common:
   ~we both have two daughters.
   ~we both love to sew.
   ~we both love to thrift and redecorate our homes on a dime.
   ~and we both LOVE spray paint!!!

today i am going to reveal my most recent spray paint make-over.
have you noticed how lanterns seem to be all over the place right now?
i found these two beauties while reading the blog, nest egg.
LOVE that pop of red. (hmmmmm....that would be fun in my kitchen.)
but alas, they are way beyond any budget i ever have. to be honest, i don't ever really have a, off to the thrift store i go!

at my local habitat for humanity restore, i found this little cutie....

i know what you're thinking.....CUTIE?????  isn't that an old ugly 80's brass cheap-O foyer light???

why, yes it is!!! and i only paid $2.00 for it.
i wasn't sure about the white star on the glass, but i thought the lines were good and i loved the detail of the flower on reminded me of the one from nest egg.

stay tuned for some spray paint awesomeness.....

first, i took the light all apart and gave it a nice hot bath.

then, outside it went for a rustoleum  gloss white spray paint make-over.

 ...and here it is hanging in my hallway...

 (still need to touch up the ceiling paint)
sorry for all the pictures but since it was nearly impossible to get a decent picture with the lighting in this hallway, i decided to bombard you with half-decent pictures. ;)  you get the picture, right?

here is what my hallway light looked like before:
i am loving the new look of the lantern. and for $2 plus a can of spray that is good!

want to seen another one of my spray paint projects?
go here and here to see the transformation of this $7 chandalier.

i hope you have been inspired by this little re-do. these lanterns are everywhere in thrift stores. habitat restores are GREAT for lighting...go here to see if there is one in your area.

(if you decided to take on a lighting re-do, please, pretty please have an experienced electrician, or someone who really knows what they are doing, install your light for you. i want you to be alive so you can enjoy your craftiness!)
it has been a blast visiting you all here on faith's place.
thanks paige for letting me share the goods!


****Thank you so much Elisabeth for this post!!! I am inspired to go hunting a pretty lantern like that now for my bathroom. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!******** -Paige


Missy said...

Those brass hanging lanterns are everywhere and I've always wondered if they can be spray painted. I'm so doing that. Thanks for sharing!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

missy, you are so right. they are everywhere. they come in all shapes and sizes too. just the other day at my restore i saw a big octagon one. i think it would be adorable painted pink and hanging in a little girl's room. they are usually dirt cheap too.

just make sure, before you buy one, that it can come apart so you can remove the glass. on mine, there are little balls at the top corners that unscrew so the whole top comes off and you can remove the glass.

have fun!

Rachel said...

This is really very charming, elisabeth! I love how it turned out. I'm currently pining away for a black lantern from Ballard, but I'm now thinking I need to stop dreaming, and instead get to thrifting + painting :)

Comeca Jones said...

I love your style and I read about your Apt.Therapy post and lets just say different is good. I love your style some people have different styles and taste I am one of them you will find more of an African chic vibe goin on at my place and bloggers at least most of them most of them are traditional and shabby nothing in between so dont worry I just wanted to say that.Happy decorin'lol ~Meme Love the light redo one day I will be this brave lovin your blog so far.