Saturday, August 29, 2009

NEW Placemats....for cheap

I found these cute little placemats the other day on Frecklebox, but just couldn't see spending $20+ on 2 kids' placemats. But, aren't they so stinkin' cute??

So, I was at Michael's Craft store earlier this week and found some felt rectangles for $.99 a piece! I brought them home, monogrammed them, slapped on some ribbon, took them to Staples to have laminated....and WALA!! My girls have similar new placemats....

And they are just as happy as if I spent that $20+ dollars!! They even look cute on our breakfast table!


Gabby said...

very cute!! Love the idea!!! I love getting ideas and making them myself!! :)

Amy said...

Cute!! I use some of the laminated art work that my kids make at school as placemats too.

Mandy said...

VERY cute idea!!
WTG, you thrifty girl!

LOVE the new look, it's AWESOME!