Monday, August 24, 2009

An Etsy Shopping Spree...

So, I have discovered If you have never seen it, you should take a peek...HERE

I got a few things the other this cute camera strap (made my Mandy of LittlePrecious Boutique

...and a reuseable snack bag (made by nstitches4u)..

I got this vinyl decal for Faith's wall in hot pink (made by decalmonogram)...

...and I thought this would look cute in my guest bath (made by decalmonograms)..

... I just LOVE my new car garbage stays open for a change so I am not trying to put a piece of trash in a closed bag while driving (also made by nstitches4u)..

Gotta go.....must find more Etsy stuff to buy....


Mandy said...

I feel all warm & fuzzy inside! ;)
You're too sweet!
Hope you love your strap!

and we have that SAME decal in Olivia's room!! I LOVE it!

I am going to get some of those snack bags...I tried to make my own, but "got shot down" (aka, didn't work)...I'll just buy some & save myself the headache!

DeFeo Diary said...

oh paige, i love some esty. i did monograms like that in both girls rooms. love them!