Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Nuts" The Squirrel

Have you seen this picture yet??

Of course, if you are living under a rock you haven't. It's been every where...

And it's real.

I just crack up every time I see this cute little squirrel, who has been named "Nuts" by the media. I just love his little expresion on his face.

According to the 2 people in the picture, they set up a tri-pod to take some pictures on vacation. They took a few pics using a remote, and when a squirrel unexpectedly popped up in front of their camera, they continued taking pictures.

And yes, it's real. Here they are on the TODAY show, where they state that the photo is 100% real.

So, enjoy a laugh today when you look at the picture.... I know I will...

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