Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blowin' Bubbles

We love early evenings here at our house. Around 7pm is the best time to go out and let the kids play. The intense heat and humidity subsides, and there's usually a nice little breeze that blows. The neighbors and I like to sit out and chat while the kids play. Just a plain, old fashioned summer night....and school starts on Monday, so we are enjoying these last few "late" nights outside.

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" at school, so Faith and I went to her school to meet her teacher, Ms. Pohlman. Silly me, forgot the I have no pics to share.

But when we got home, we decided to blow some bubbles out in the driveway with our new big bubble wands, courtesy of Granny Carolyn.

The girls had a good time...such a good time that we ran out of bubbles, and had the other kids on the street chasing bubbles with us!

Simple entertainment, but oh so fun to listen to my girls giggle with excitement as they chase bubbles!

And as a bonus, we had a beautiful rainbow in the sky tonight! A great way to end the day!

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