Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's On Your Phone?!?!?

I am so glad I have my camera phone. 

Funny that it's a phone, but I never talk on it...

I text and take pictures and play Words With Friends on it the most. ha!

Going through my phone the other day, I came across some pictures of different activities....

and I thought I would share.

And you thought I was going to show you another deployment project, didn't you?!?


Miss B taking a break from bowling....she really didn't like waiting on her turn to come around....


Back In February, when the hubby was home from Iraq for his 2 week break I snapped this pic....


Hanging at the circus with my girls....gotta love Miss B's expression


My 8 yr old talked me into riding this ferris wheel type ride at the town festival recently. Knowing I hate heights, I did it for the love of my child.

And they stopped us up at the top. I think I took this pic as I was starting my panic attack, and as you can see, my daughter thought it was fun being up that high. YIKES!


Apparently, my daughter took the phone in the bathroom with her and snapped this while she was "going"....I laugh every time I see it!


Headed to school for Field Day. Wonder why kids find bunny ears so hysterical??


After the mud run, my buddies and I posed for a pic to show off how filthy we were. (I'm still finding mud in cracks I didn't know I had. ha!)


This is the view from my in-laws lake house. I took this at sunrise one morning. 


Finally, this is the view from a restaurant in Charleston, SC....with views like this, who wouldn't want to live in this city?!?

So, what's on your phone???

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Missy said...

Faith's bathroom pic still has me laughing! Thanks for sharing.