Thursday, April 21, 2011

Deployment Project # 79 - Plant Stand Makeover

Deployment Project # 79
Plant Stand Makeover

This little plant stand was another piece of furniture we were fortunate enough to get from my husband's late grandmother.

 Yeah, I know. It's JUST a plant stand

...but it came from a special place

...which makes it a little more sentimental.

I brought it home and sanded it down.

I spray painted the bottom part white, and stained the top with a mahogany stain I used on my stairs (read about that HERE)

And now I have a cute plant stand that looks brand new!!


I had this little empty space on my staircase...


So I placed the stand there with a pretty full plant.

However, I think one of my deployment projects should be trying to keep my plants alive. (Why is it I can keep 2 kids fed and healthy, but can't seem to keep my plants alive?!?)


So, let's look again at the


....and the 


Happy Thursday, friends!

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Mandy said...

Love it!
It looks so pretty there!