Sunday, January 23, 2011

Deployment Project #62...Master BR Closet

If you have been reading my blog you know I am (trying to) follow Toni's Organization Challenges over at A Bowl Full of Lemons. I have been doing well getting them finished....just not so well about blogging about them!

Recently, this past week, her challenges included the laundry room, under the bathroom sink, medicine cabinet, Master BR closet and the freezer. I am proud to say I have all of those areas taken care of....I just don' t have pictures of all of them.

So, I will show you what I DID get pics of...

Under the bathroom sink....


The Laundry Room


The laundry room is not actually a's a walk through area coming from the garage....but on the wall opposite of the washer/dryer is this wall. I hung bead board wallpaper and hooks. You can read about how I did this project HERE

Okay... now for the BIG project of the week.


Oh. my. goodness.

What a mess it was.

But, now it's sooooo nice. I can actually walk in it!!!



I now have color coded clothes.....does this  mean I am OCD??? ;-)


Strange as it may sound....I LOVE having a clean closet!! I didn't realize how happy it would make me!!!!

So, those are the latest projects. I will have more pics of the other challenges soon.

The BEST news hubby will be here next week on his 2 week break from Iraq. The girls and I haven't seen him since JULY...and he will be here next week! I am so excited and growing more and more impatient to see my sweet hubby!!! 7 months is just too long to go without your spouse.....the 15 days that he will be home will go by fast....and then it's back to Iraq until July.  These year long deployments are NO FUN! 

So, this week I am working on my Master Bedroom. I HAVE to get it ready for the hubby's arrival!!! SOOO EXCITED!!

Have a great week....if you need me, I will be in my bedroom stressing out to get it completed by next week!!! Yikes!


Pine Tree Home said...

Wonderful work. So freeing to clean up and organize. Glad to hear Hubs will be with you and the kids soon.

Kristal said...

Awesome! Thanks for being honest and posting the real pictures. I keep seeing "AFTER master closets" showing like 3 pairs of shoes and no pants? I know you are not showing the whole closet, people!!! I have been working on mine all weekend, which has turned in to 4 closets and an entire spare bedroom and then my wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, just goes on and on but it does feel so good! I am planning a Groundhog Day recap; the After pics and the After-After pics (current state of affairs on Feb 2nd) I think this will help with accountability of keeping it organized and I have also tweaked a few areas so the new organization system works even better. Hope you will check in with us on the 2nd and link up!

Kristal said...

Forgot to mention I am so happy for you that your hubby is almost home! THANK YOU for what your family does for every American. As I am trying to write this, when you really think about it, the sacrifices affect and are really for every human being and all kinds of lifeforms, so a heartfelt THANK YOU from us! Many blessings to you and your family!

Staci @ Life's Sweeter with Chocolate said...

awesome job!! I'm still working on mine. ugh... actually taking a break from it right now. So seeing yours makes me want to get back up and push through!! haha

Mandy said...

You are MOST DEFINITELY Terrific!

I can't wait to see your Master BR makeover!!

Thanks for linking, Paige :)