Thursday, January 13, 2011

Deployment Projects #58 &59...More Organizing!

Over at A BOWL FULL OF LEMONS Toni is helping us all get organized during the month of January!  Thank God for Toni.....with organization comes such a peace of mind!!!! I am forever grateful for her, and her willingness to help people like me get organized!

So, on to the last few challenges...

Challenges #7 and #8 were the coat closet and toy organization....

So here we go...


Luckily, my coat closet wasn't all that messy....not perfect, but not an absolute mess is the BEFORE shot.

I organized the games and bags/backpacks at the top....


...and the coats, and things that were sitting on the floor...

yes, we still have VHS tapes...they are old home movies, so I will always keep these!


Okay, now for the TOYS!!!!

This was NOT something I did in one day.  It took me several days to get this done! I am not sure if my kids have too many toys or if they are just THAT messy....

I think it's both.

Here are some shots from my youngest daughter's room. She has cabinets in her rooms (love them!). I bought some bins and organized the toys using the bins....

And the best thing ever?!?!?!? THE LABEL MAKER!!!!! The BEST $17 I have ever spent!!!! There's something about a label maker that makes me feel organized!




She also has a window seat in her room....It's really hard to keep this organized since her favorite thing to do is throw all the toys out and hide in it....So I put a bin in it, hoping the next time she goes to throw things out, she can just take out the bins....




Here is a shot of her other cabinet...


Her bookshelf....I DO need to go through her books and donate some, but I find it hard to get rid of books. Just when I think she won't read "Goodnight Moon" anymore (we've read it 500 times) she will pick it up and want me to read it to her I just can't bare to throw any books away!


OKAY, on to my OLDEST daughter's room....

Fortunately, my oldest has a walk in closet in her room!! LOVE it!!!!! I am able to stash her toys away in her closet and just close the door so I don't  have to look at the mess. 

But, we have put cubbies in her closet, along with all of the wire shelves that came with the house, and she has an abundant amount of storage! 

Here is her game shelf....

Here is a shot of her 2 sets of a perfect world I would have matching bins....but it's not a perfect world, and let's face it, this is just a closet. Sooooo, I organized with what I had.


The bins are labeled and her toys all have designated homes...


Games, dollhouses, etc....


It was hard to get a shot of her entire closet, so here is a shot from the doorway. As you can see, there is still plenty of storage space above the cubbies on the wire shelves...


In her room, we had a window seat built in about a year ago....and she LOVES it!!! And I love it too because it's MORE STORAGE in addition to her closet!


I keep her Barbies, horses, Polly Pockets and things she plays with the most in these bins because she likes to use her window seat as a platform when she plays. 


The bins are all labeled so they can go in the correct place when she is done playing....hopefully....ha!


Here is a picture of her room with her window seat and storage bins....


Okay, so there are my last 2 organization challenges!!! WHEW!

Today is cleaning out the freezer!!! Dreading this one!!!!!!!

I will be back tomorrow with the laundry room and freezer updates!!!!!

These challenges are definitely work, but sooo worth it!!!!!! I am loving the progress I am making!

I'll also be back to show you a few painting projects I just finished up!



Kimberly said...

paige, i am with you. i CANNOT part with a book!!! my husband does not love that about me. something about books being heavy??? (when moving)

Teresa said...

Both your girls' rooms are beautiful! I love how you have decorated them. Do you remember where the storage cubbies in your older daughter's closet came from? I'm looking for something similar for some closet organization myself.

Mandy said...

You have been an organizing fool!

I have not gone upstairs, I just don't have the strength yet!

Bedrooms are scary up there!!

I have that same bin storage system in Olivia's closet & wanted to tell you, I put those same labels on ours but they wouldn't stay, I brushed on a pinch of mod's forever now. ;)

Hope you guys have a great birthday weekend!