Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fixing pesky wires...Deployment Project #60

Do you have wires from lamps sticking out anywhere??

I do.

And they drive me crazy.


I came up with an easy  little 5 minute solution.

I got one of those plastic hooks you can get at any store for very cheap. 

I stuck it up on the back side of the table. (and these remove easily without ripping off any paint from the furniture or wall)

I just wrapped the wire around it and tied in on with a little twisty-tie.


Now the wire is hidden!!!


Happy Sunday!!!!


kelmac said...

Very creative! I would have never thought of that. Headed to Big Lots shortly and will have to pick up some hooks!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

very clever paige! gotta love those hooks!

Amanda said...

That is the best idea ever! Thanks! Also- love your blog!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

BRILLIANT! I love this!!!