Monday, October 12, 2009

Run, Forest, Run!!!

It's racing season again!!!

2 years ago, I would have said, "WHO CARES?!?"

But now, I am excited! Racing season is getting into full swing here, and I have signed up to do a race almost every weekend until I crazy?!?!?
Probably so....
This weekend was called the "Courage For Kalya Race". Kayla is a local 15 year old girl who was paralyzed in an ATV accident in May. Money was being raised to help with her medical expenses. Ryan and I are glad we got to help out by donating money, and running for a good cause.
On Thursday, I bought some new running shoes.....these...
The girl in me doesn't like the look of them...but it's about the feet, and these feel great on my feet. For those of you looking for a good running shoe..this is an Asics Cumulus 11 running shoe...$100 at Dick's Sporting Goods.
So, Saturday morning we got the kids up early and headed out to the Courage For Kayla race...

The good thing about running, is that you are only racing against yourself. My goal was to beat my previous racing time of 32:07, and I ran it in 30:51. That's a 9:57 minute mile. In runner's terms, that's not that fast....the people who win these races finish with times anywhere from 18-22 minutes. And that's just insane! :) So, for me, 30:51 is a big accomplishment!
My friend, Kym, ran too. It was her first 5K, and now she's hooked. Here we are before the race with our kids...
Here we are stretching before the race..Photobucket

3.1 miles is a piece of cake for Ryan...that's why he's able to smile coming across the finish line.Photobucket

Me, on the other hand...was struggling those last few minutes...and there was no smile close to
my face! HA! (My eyes are focused on the finish line here)

Ryan pushed Brooke in the stroller and they finished in 24:11...and once Ryan finished he turned around and came back to find me to push me past the finish line. What a sweet hubby he is!Photobucket

But I crossed the finish line and lived to tell about it...and smile...Photobucket

One of my favorite things about racing is being able to do it with Ryan. Even though we don't finish at the same time, it's fun to root each other on! Photobucket Next weekend is the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure. I signed up last night to run this one...definitely for a good cause....and I hear there are about 1500 people who run this this one should be exciting with all of those people. It will be my first BIG race...and I am thrilled!

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