Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Grateful For "D"

Grateful For "D"
It's been a while since I wrote what I am grateful for....and now I am on the letter "D"
*~DOGS*~ : I am surprised I am writing this one, since my dogs seem to drive me crazy..but the truth is, I DO love them. They are sweet little creatures, who will always cuddle and love me no matter how much I ignore them. I love their unconditional love!
*~DEALS*~ : I love a good deal!!! I'm getting better and better at stretching a dollar the older I get! haha
*~DAUGHTERS*~: Life wouldn't be the same without my daughters!!! Although I would love to have a son one day, I am SO grateful for 2 beautiful little girls. I have had such a BLAST since they came along...so much fun doing girly things with them, and watching them play together. There's nothing like a mother-daughter bond, and I am so thankful for the one I have with my girls!
*~DO-NUTS*~ : Grateful for their tastiness.....NOT grateful for their calories! haha
What "D" things are you thankful for????

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