Tuesday, September 15, 2009

@ the lake for Labor Day...

My in laws have a lake house, and we got to spend Labor Day weekend there...yes, I know I am getting to this post late.

I'm not so much of a boat fan.....but the kids are, so they loved riding on the pontoon boat and swimming in the lake. Brooke even rode the tube!!! That child has NO fear!! (I need one of those shirts from the 80's that says "No Fear" for her....remember those???)

Here are a few fun pics from our lake trip...

Ryan looks like a pro out there!!!

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Mandy said...

How funny!

My husband (and kids) LOVE the boat...& I am not a fan!

Maybe it's because I have to jump through hoops of fire to get three kids greased up FOR going, pack a dry clothes, snacks, drinks...then of course just as SOON as we get out where are going I have to pee!


I would much rather stay home & hang out by the pool!!!