Monday, September 7, 2009

"B" Grateful...

Here I go again, thinking about what I am grateful for...on the letter "B" today...
*BROOKE* : Wow, what would my life be like without my precious daughter, BROOKE!! What a treasure she is...another reason I get up in the mornings. Life has defnitely been an adventure with my Busy Brooke, my sassy little diva, my tempermental darling. But I wouldn't trade her for all the riches in the world. What a blessing!
*BFF's* : I have several close friends...some I can talk to about know, the ones that won't judge you or think any differently of you not matter what you do?? I have a few of those....and Boy, am I glad I have them in my life! We can go months without talking and always pick right back up where we left off! I just love that!!
*Bargains* : I have become a coupon nazi...always trying to save money...I love a good deal....who doesn't???
Your turn...what are you thankful for that starts with a "B"????


DeFeo Diary said...

i like this idea!
*Baby dolls - grateful they entertain ella all day and keep her imagination going strong
*breeze - this last week when jogging, i am LOVING the cool breeze
*blake - kelli's husband that is like my brother. known him 28 years and so grateful for him.

The McBrayer family said...

BLAKE! my wonderful husband, best friend, adoring father, the list is sweet Court- heis equally thankful for you!