Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Bye Terrible 2's, Hello Tryingl 3's!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Brooke!!!!!

On September 12, 2006 Brooke Katherine Price entered the world via c-section, 15 days early. She couldn't wait for her due date, and is still very impatient 3 years later! HA!!

What a blessing this sweet girl is. I don't think there is a baby on earth that was tougher than Brooke. I definitely have some wrinkles to show from the last 3 years....but oh what fun she has been. Such a happy child with an oustanding personality!!! She loves to make you laugh, and has more energy than I could ever have! We LOVE having her in our family! I can't imagine life without her!!

Today she likes Dora, Yo-Gabba-Gabba, playing with her Pet Shops and Barbies. She loves her stuffed animals and carrying them around in her purse. She wants to be like her big sis and put on her backpack (when she isn't carrying her purse). She LOVES bubble gum, chocolate milk and her favorite food these days is fruit snacks. She weighs in right at 33 pounds and is around 35inches tall.

Today she doesn't like to eat more than 3 bites at meal time, or sit still at any given moment, or be told it's time for bed. She wants everything her big sis has. Transition at this age can be tough with Brooke, but if there is bubble gum or fruit snacks in the deal, then she can transition pretty well!

Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet little one!!!!!! (Has it been 3 years already?!?!)


Amy said...

aww! I remember sitting with you at Sunday School about 2 weeks before you had her. It was our 1st time visiting the class and you were so sweet! I can't believe she is already 3. I'm waiting on fabulous 4s because believe me....Andrew has been...well...high spirited since he was born!!

Mandy said...

So, so precious!