Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"C" Things I am Grateful For.....
*~CHRIST*~ Need I say more?!?

*~CHILDREN*~ I have heard that your life doesn't begin until you have children of your own. They were so right! I am crazy about my children....would do anything to protect them and keep them happy. Thank you God for 2 healthy, beautiful children!

*~CHOCOLATE*~ Ahhhhhhh!!!!! I'd do anything for chocolate too!!! :)

*~CREATIVITY*~ What little bit of it I have, I am grateful for! HA!! I LOVE creating and sewing cutstom outfits and items for people. I'm so glad God gave me an ounce of it.....

OKay, now it's your turn. Let me know the things that being with "C" that you are grateful for!!!


DeFeo Diary said...

COURTNEY! Ha! That's me. I am grateful to be me.

Cookies - I really do just love a chocolate chip cookie so much.

Camera - I cherish every moment I've been able to capture of the last 3 years.

Carolina J. said...

You forgot Carolina ;) hee hee

Chris - the greatest husband and daddy I know (Ryan can have his turn with the R's ;)

Christmas - my favorite holiday

Charm and Charisma- both of my kids seem to have gotten these important traits ...

Children - never ending source of happiness and laughter!