Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hi Blog Friends!

On Saturday night we took the girls to see The Citadel vs. Presbyterian College....The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, is where Ryan went to college. It's a wonderful small school in Charleston, who have great military traditions that have carried on for years. For instance, their students are ALL required to attend the football games and sit together, in uniform. Every time The Citadel scores a touchdown cannons go off...and they are loud!

We took the girls to see the first home game. It was a late game, so we took our chances with being out late with them...but they did really well. They were so kind to let us stay the entire game!!

Afterwards, we were able to go on the field, walk around and take pictures.... fun stuff!

I love good quality time with my sweet husband and girls....I definitely cherish times like these!!!

Brooke and Daddy were on the hunt for the Mascot!

Cute pic of Daddy and his girls on the field...but it was after 10pm and Brooke was DONE with being Miss Nice Girl...

Brooke is watching all of the action on the field.

Brooke had the best seat in the house...

BOO the Mascot

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