Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hangin' Out In Nashville

Last weekend we traveled to Nashville, TN. Ryan had an Army conference there, so we all went along because my very best friend in the world lives there as well.

The first night we stayed at the Opryland Hotel because we got in at midnight and didn't want to bother Carolina (my BFF). Ryan's conference was at the same hotel, so we got up the next morning and got to do short tour of the hotel before Ryan headed to his conference, and I headed to Carolina's with the girls.

The hotel is gorgeous! I stayed there when I was a child, but didn't appreciate it's beauty until this trip. If you have never been, it's like a mini-resort. So many things to see and do....check out the INSIDE of the hotel...

Then we spent the rest of the weekend at Carolina's house. She has 2 kids, both close in age to mine...and they all have a great time together.

Saturday was Brooke's 3rd Birthday, and we started the day off by going to 2 soccer games for Carolina's kids. Brooke enjoyed playing with the soccer ball....the kid has some talent I wasn't aware of....

After a nice afternoon nap, we headed out for dinner and a Taylor Swift concert. Carolina's husband was able to get us a suite for the concert and we were 2 suites down from Faith Hill and Tim McGraw...wish I had taken a picture, but I grabbed the camera to take a pic and Ryan stopped me....I guess I looked like a crazed fan or part of the poporatzi (sp).

We had dinner with Carolina's family...her parents basically raised me and her brother was like my brother, so it always feels like I am hanging out with family when I with them! I just love them to pieces. Brooke wore a sweet dres I made with a cupcake on it, and the waiter brought out a great big cupcake and 3 huge candles while we all sang Happy Birthday to her! She was on Cloud 9!

Brooke is enjoying her cupckae!!!!

Carolina's brother and his wife just had a baby, and I got to hold and cuddle Baby Gabriella!! SO, after dinner we headed to the Taylor Swift concert.....and what a BLAST! My girls couldn't take their eyes of of her!! I thought, for sure, Brooke was going to lost interest after a few songs, but she never moved for over 2 hours!! After every song she would say, "Do it again!" And Faith sat in her seat the entire time, only getting up once to take a potty break!!!
Carolina is due with baby Sofie in a few weeks.....can't wait to see this sweet baby!!!

Carolina and me.... BFF since for 23 years!!!

Here we are right before the concert started.....

...and this is what the kids looked like the entire time.....

There's the birthday girl enjoying "Tayla Fiff"

And here is the Happy Birthday girl leaving the concert!!! It was midnight, but she was still hanging in there!!!!!

Can't wait to go back to Nashville.... or even move there!!!!!

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