Friday, September 25, 2009

Homework WIth Shaving Cream

I used to teach 2nd grade....and every Thursday I would give my students shaving cream on theirs desks and call out their spelling words. They would write each word in the shaving cream, and wipe through it and write the next word. It was always a big hit with my students, and a great way to study!!

Now Faith is in the 1st grade and the Spelling tests have I thought she would enjoy practicing her words in shaving cream.....

To keep Brooke occupied while I worked with Faith, she "drew" pictures for us in her shaving cream while we practiced for Faith's test.

If you have never done this with your kids.... you should try it....Brooke obviously didn't have any spelling words to practice, but she still loved playing in the shaving cream!!!!
**It's easy to clean up, and leaves the room smelling fresh too!**

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