Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Sneak Peek...

I am so excited!

And I just can't hide it.

And I know, I know , I know......


I couldn't resist singing.

Last week, I had custom shelving built in the girls' rooms.

And I never knew I could be in love with shelves.

But, I am.

Currently, I am painting them, and it's taking forever

and I can't WAIT to show you the end results!

'Til then, here is a sneak peek...


Can't wait to show it to you finished!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Personal Goal I lived To Tell About....

Remember last May when I was SO excited from completing my first 5K race?? You can read about it HERE

Well, this past Saturday was another HUGE accomplishment for me.

I ran in my first official 10K race!!!

Not just ANY 10k race, though.

The nation's 3rd largest 10k race called the Cooper River Bridge Run

Check out the bridge I ran over!


For those who aren't famliar with a 10K race, it's a 6.2 mile race.  This particular race, takes you over the Cooper River Bridge and into downtown Charleston, S.C.  

But the bridge.

Oh! The bridge!

You run for 2 miles before you even get to the bridge...then once you get there, it's ONE mile UP the bridge...and once you are at the top you still have over 3 miles to run.....

I have NO hill training other that what I have done on the treadmill.  I just knew for certain, I was NOT going to make it up that bridge without stopping to walk.

But, low and behold....

Despite the fact that my hamstrings and glutes were aching....

I MADE IT OVER the bridge without stopping!!!

And once I was at the top of the bridge, I wasn't even tired, so I kept running...

And I ran the entire 6.2 miles WITHOUT stopping!!!

Can I get a WOOT WOOT!?!?!?!

I'm still doing the happy dance about it all!

I'm still super excited about completing this run....

Look at all these can see them for MILES!


This race had 38,000 participants....

So, I wasn't racing for time on this one...there are SO many people you have to run around and they slow you I  just wanted to finish this one without stopping.


It's just amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it!! If I can do this, ANYONE can do it. 

Two years ago I couldn't run for 4 minutes without stopping.

On Saturday, I ran for 1 hour 8 minutes and 14 seconds without stopping!!!!


On April 2, 2011 is the date for next year's race.

Who's running it with me?!?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Barstools

I'm still on my spray painting frenzy....

I LURVE this stuff..


My latest victim,

My bar chairs.



They weren't ugly to begin with...but I was just not crazy about the orange-ish color and the bland fabric.

So... I bought some new fabric and grabbed my ORB and started painting!

 First, I recovered the seat cushions.

If you have never done this, it's easy peasy...just a little time consuming.

You just need one of these..


...and getting help from a little cutie like this doesn't hurt either...


Just remove the staples and fabric from the chair. Cover with new fabric and staple....see, easy-peasy...


...and now I have a cute little giraffe print seat...


Then I painted the chairs.

You can see the difference in the color here.

(..and you can also see the horrible dead grass in my yard....will spring EVER get here?!?!?)

And here is my new bar stool.

Drum roll, please...


...and another peek at before...



Happy Wednesday!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

a liar, a letter and a little girl......

Here's a little run down of the past week in the Price house...

Last week was Ryan's National Guard conference. This happens once a year, and we get all dutied up and go to the "prom".....


Yes, I'm fully aware that I GLOW from the lack of a tan....I was going to try one of those spray tans before we went, but I chickened out.  With my luck, I would have turned I opted for the pale look over the orange glow....

We also got to meet Congressman Joe Wilson.

"Who's he??", you're asking...

Remember when Obama was giving his State of The Union address a few months ago, and from the crowd someone yelled, "YOU LIE!!!"

It stirred up a bunch of controversy and made national news.

Well, that was Joe Wilson, who shouted that....

and here we are with him....


In other thoughts....

don't you just love the innocence of a child??

I love my children...and they are always doing things that make me want to keep them little forever....

simple things....

like this....


Ryan found this in the mailbox waiting to be delivered to Faith's friend, Cora....

It has a stamp on it, and cleary tells the mailman that this letter goes to the "blue house"

Like I said... it's the little things...

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Ebay Time!

I Love Ebay.

I love buying and selling on there.

It's a great way to sell your kids' things that are outgrown, but in too good of shape to turn over to a consignment store or Goodwill. 

I always list my girls' outgrown things, and buy them new clothes with the money I make.

I only list twice a year... it's so time consuming..

But right now, I am working on getting some things listed. 

I will have girls clothing sizes 6 and 7

and toddlers girl's sizes 2t and 3t

You can go HERE to see one of my auctions, and click on "see other auctions" on that page for additional items.

I have smocked things like this....


and custom things like these...


...and lots of Gymboree things like this....

 SO, check it out if you get a chance!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

88 and counting...


Yesterday was my grandmother's 88th Birthday....

We celebrated with a lunch at Olive Garden.

88 years....

Think about that....

In 1922, when Grandma was born, a gallon of gasoline was $.25

a loaf of bread was $.15

average family income was around $2,500 for a middle class family

the average cost of a home was $7,197.00

the average cost of a car was $850.

But check out the fashion in 1922....I LOVE IT!


..and look at the type of car they drove...


It's amazing to think about how drastic things have changed since my grandmother was born.  She's seen a lot in her 88 years, and I always enjoy hearing her stories about years past.

The world really gained something special on March 6, 1922 when she was born!!! 

Happy Birthday Bo!!!!!




Saturday, March 6, 2010

OCD about ORB


Sara, over at Thrifty Decor Chick turned me on to Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, or's a shimmery blackish-brownish paint that you can get at Wal Mart for about $3 a can!!!

Now I'm OCD abot ORB.

It's amazing how a little paint can transform a room! Check out a few things I have used ORB on to transform from boring to blissful!



Just tape around the center with newspaper and painters tape!



Check out this little beauty I found at Marshall's on clearance for $2 because of a chip.....

Oh, how I love a bargain!


Look how pretty it turned out!!!!


I even spray painted a few pictures frames that were originally gold/brass....they look great too!


No furniture or accessory is safe around here as long as I have my ORB in hand!!!  I'm off to see what else I can paint!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday Fun

We spent this past weekend in Myrtle Beach ...Daddy Price had a conference, so we went with him and hung out at the aquarium while he was gone to his meetings during the day....

The girls LOVED the aquarium...and I loved the $25 discount I got for being military....yay!

But I can't forget about dinner at Planet Hollywood on Friday night...neat place!

Photobucket back to the trip to the aquarium...

 We met some interesting looking fish...

...and we walked in and underwater tunnel...



where sharks swan over our heads...

(check out his "face")

...and were so close we could count their teeth....YIKES!


And there were sweet sting least they were much sweeter looking....


But we saw some pretty things too.....

like this gorgeous sea horse....


...and the girls bonded with the locals....


The sting rays really liked Faith, but she wasn't sure what to think of them at first....


...but they quickly became friends....


What a fun day!!!!

....and lunch at Hard Rock  topped the day off!!!