Monday, May 11, 2009

My First 5K!

....I am not a runner...nor have I ever been a runner....

BUT, since August I have been running 3 days a week, just to get in shape. I was feeling frumpy, and my clothes were getting tighter and tighter... I just felt nasty. So, I started going to the gym 3 days a week and running on the treadmill.

I had found a comfort zone...running on the treadmill...watching the tv in front of me, the box fan blowing cool air on me, and my ipod shuffle playing along as I ran. Running outside, in my opinion, is/was for the serious know, the ones that are good at it...and not afraid to run with the chance of other people seeing them. :)

I didn't have time to go to the gym last week, so I decided I would try to run outside...something I have tried before and didn't like...nor was I good at..

But, I took off running...and 35 minutes later, I was still running and feeling good! Two days later, I ran for 40 minutes and felt great...very happy with myself that I was able to run that long AND outside..something I could never do before.

So, my husband entered me in a race this past weekend...and it was only my 3rd time running outside!

Guess what?!?! I LOVED IT!!!!!! The course was hilly...and after it was over with, my husband informed me it was the hardest 5k I would ever I am proud to say I have run in, and completed my first 5K race...with hills...not stopping...a definite personal goal of mine!!! Sure, I was slow..but I ran it!

My sweet hubby, who normally runs as fast as lighting...ran with me...gave up his chance at another winning trophy....he could probably crawl as fast as I can run, but he knew how important it was for me to complete this race, so he ran along side of me. We kinda had a "date" out there together..just was one more thing we have accomplished together, and that was a great feeling! He was my motivator and cheering section the entire way..and was there to high-five me at the finish line! Such an unbelievably sweet and selfless man!

So, here we are...after the race.....YAY!


Anne Wimberly said...

Good job Paige - I did my first 5K last fall and you look a lot better afterwards than I did! It is exhilerating!

Gabby said...

Wow!! Way to go girl!! You look so great!!