Sunday, March 7, 2010

88 and counting...


Yesterday was my grandmother's 88th Birthday....

We celebrated with a lunch at Olive Garden.

88 years....

Think about that....

In 1922, when Grandma was born, a gallon of gasoline was $.25

a loaf of bread was $.15

average family income was around $2,500 for a middle class family

the average cost of a home was $7,197.00

the average cost of a car was $850.

But check out the fashion in 1922....I LOVE IT!


..and look at the type of car they drove...


It's amazing to think about how drastic things have changed since my grandmother was born.  She's seen a lot in her 88 years, and I always enjoy hearing her stories about years past.

The world really gained something special on March 6, 1922 when she was born!!! 

Happy Birthday Bo!!!!!





Mandy said...

I love these pictures!!
You are so lucky to have her with you still. March 5th was my granny's birthday, she would have been's been three years & I still miss her like it was yesterday. :(

Treasure your time & those stories...they will be worth so much to you one day! :)

LOVE the fashion too & your gramdma looks like a little rock star! ;)

Anonymous said...

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The McBrayer family said...

Love this! Your grandmother is precious! LOVE the boa! ha!! Special times!!

kelley williamson conway said...

Awwww! Happy birthday, Mrs. Doris!! You are right; she realy is a special lady. And she looks as fabulous as ever (love the tiara + boa)! :D