Monday, October 11, 2010

You've Got Supper!


 I was just introduced to this awesome site yesterday, and just HAD to share it with you!

It's called You've Got Supper (click to take you to the site)

Each week, they will email you a meal plan, along with a grocery list.

And it's FREE!

Instead of sorting through cookbook after cookbook and wondering what to cook for dinner, you can let You've Got Supper do the planning and create the grocery list for you!

How awesome is THAT?!??

Check them out!

Happy Monday, everyone!! 

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Melanie said...

Hi Paige. Thank you so much for stopping by Southern Comfort in a Northern Life. Such sweet comments about my grandmother.

I am sorry to hear about your mom. That is a terrible cancer to have. My cousins wife died 3 years ago of brain cancer and she was just 41 yrs. old.

Where do you live in SC? We just moved to Florence.