Monday, October 18, 2010

Cute Lamp Redo-Deployment Project #26

I have seen this particular style lamp everywhere.

Finally, after a trip to my local Goodwill, I came across one for $2!

I love Goodwill.  Good gosh, I love Goodwill.


I bought a can of Ocean Breeze spray paint from Wal-Mart and spray painted that baby.

Bought a new lamp shade from Target.

And now I have a fashionable lamp for my side table.


I am loving the splash of blue!!!


Here's a sneak peek of what else I am working on this week....I"ll be back later this week to share! 

Eeeek! I am so excited!



Mandy said...

Darn you!
I NEVER, EVER find good furniture at our goodwill (books,, NEVER).

CUTE, very cute lampy! :)

Katie said...

Very cute! I like it!

Melanie said...

Paige, send me your email addy.

I want us to meet too. I had so much fun meeting Lisa on Saturday and I would love to meet you. You could show me around Charleston. I can't wait to go there.


Val said...

I love it. Super Cute!