Thursday, March 31, 2011

Deployment Project # 73- Bead board Back splash..but not really

In an attempt to get my kitchen made over, I decided to do a little work to the back splash.

For some reason, my before picture is hard to see....but there was nothing on the walls between the cabinets and counters.

I had a leftover roll of bead board wallpaper (Lowe's $15), so I just put it up on the wall. Unless you look extremely close, you can't tell it's wallpaper!


The best thing about this wall paper is that it's paintable!!! 


Just a little time and I have a back spalsh that adds to the character of my kitchen!!!!!




Ellie said...

This looks amazing! You inspire me with so many amazing projects!!

you asked about my camera etc. I'm a Canon girl :) My photos are definitely better when they are taken in the "magic light" (of an hour after sunrise or before sunset) - as those baseball photos were :)

I love watching you get all these projects done!!

xo ellie

Melissa said...

I have to ask you something.... I did this SAME thing in my kitchen and the next morning I pulled on one of the corners to see if it stuck and I was able to pull ALL of the paper off the walls! It completely, did. not. stick. Did you prep your walls with anything?? I LOVE the look!!