Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where has Your Elf on the Shelf been lately????

Do you have one of these???

If you don't have an Elf on the Shelf, you HAVE to get one.  This sweet little elf comes to our house the day after Thanksgiving, and stays until Christmas Eve. Every night, when the children are sleeping,  he returns to the North Pole to report back to Santa whether or not my kids have been behaving.

Every morning he shows up in a new spot in the house. My kids LOVE trying to find him each and every morning....and I enjoy seeing how many creative ways the elf displays himself. 

Sometimes we find him hanging out in one of the girls' rooms....

Other times we find him in other places....and as you can see, he can get into a little mischief...


Sometime he tries to act like a monkey...


....and sometimes he like to make sure the kids get up on time....


He loves to play with the Barbies in the house...sometimes getting in a game of Candyland...


Other times he has a little too much fun....having snowball fights with the dolls. My kitchen was covered in marsh mellows!!!! (but my kids LOVED it!)


Look at the American Girls doll with snow balls in her hand....


Silly little Elf...


Sometimes he just hangs out up high, trying to get a good look at all that goes on...


He likes to put on the Ken Barbie's clothes too..


What elf doesn't like to make snow angels????


So, where has your elf been lately???? Our elf seems to be running out of creative places and ways to show up.....so if you have any fun ideas, please email me HERE..

I'd love to hear from you!!!!

Happy Elfing!!!


sarah said...

We love our too! Such fun ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Such great ideas! We've had our elf for four Christmas seasons, and this year, he was joined by a girl! She has bling on her collar, earrings, a green bow on her hat, and a cute little white felt skirt that matches her collar. ;) My daughters were thrilled, and two elves can be even sillier than one!

I just found your blog. This is my first time commenting, and I LOVE your blog. And as former Army brat, your family was extra interesting to me. God bless you all for the contribution you are making to our country.


Tracie said...

What a great idea and how fun! My mom had these types of elves when i was small. I don't know what happened to them but you could use anything to play this game!

Rochelle Barlow said...

We just got ours this year. I have been hiding him in random places, though I have to admit the last few days he's been perched in a stocking with just his head sticking out. I am slacking in moving him. I LOVE your ideas! I will have to get to moving him around and doing some more fun things with him. I do have to be careful in where I place him. I have a 4 1/2 y.o., 3 y.o., and 18 mo, so even though the older two realize the rule of not touching him, they still would if they had enough temptation. My youngest, well, he'd try to eat him.

Brooke said...

Ok I must say a couple of things!

First- Thank you! Thank you to you, your family and your husband for all that you sacrifice for our freedom! I know how hard it can be sometimes! We have a bunch of military heros in our lives as well and we can't thank you enough!

Second- I LOVE the idea behind your blog! How you do the "deployment projects" what a great way to keep your mind focused!

Third- I awarded you the Stylish Blogger award! Check it out @


Many Blessings and Have a Merry Christmas!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

I am so going to get one for next Christmas! My kids are going to love it! Thank you for sharing!