Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deployment Projects # 45 & # 46...Christmas Pillows

On Friday I whipped up a couple of pillows to take to a Christmas party....


I thought they turned out pretty cute... I am thinking of making more to give out to our neighbors for Christmas!


I love this hounds tooth print!


What are you giving your neighbors for Christmas???


Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya said...

I want to be your neighbor!!

I'm giving our mini loaf pans that are ceramic, filled with cookies & fudge.

JHardin said...

I am giving white trash! lol! I usually bake cookies and/or different types of Christmas candies, but this year I am so busy that I just threw some Chex cereal, Honey Grahams cereal, broken pretzel sticks and nuts in a big bowl and coated it with white chocolate! I plan to wrap it up cute and give it away. Not my usual gifts, but it will have to do for this year. It is actually so good that I can't quite eating it!

theultimate said...

I love those! Sooo cute! My husband and I are going to bake cookies (OK, I'm probably going to be the one doing the baking =]) and we'll deliver them to our neighbors. I'm looking forward to it!

Destination Seaborn said...

OMGoodness! Those pillows are adorable!