Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deployment Project #39 and #40...Ballard Inspired Pillows

Have you seen these gorgeous pillows from Ballard Designs?? 


You can check them out HERE

I saw these and thought, " I HAVE to have one..."

Then I looked at the price.



Who in their right mind would pay $75 for A PILLOW?!?!? (Seriously, people, if you are spending THAT much money on one pillow you need to have your head examined. ;-)

So...I went to work on my own version of the Ballard Christmas pillow....

This is what I came up with....


Okay, so it's not exactly like the one in the catalog....but MY pillows were about $74 cheaper! ha!


These were made from leftover drop cloth canvas I had in my craft room


With my monogramming machine I stitched out the smaller ornaments you see, then glued ribbon on for the rest.

The pillow with the larger ornament was done by hand...other than sewing the fabric together, this was a no sew ornament pillow....I will try to get a tutorial up on it if anyone is interested! 


I am thinking of making these as gifts for Christmas....who wouldn't want a $75 pillow for Christmas, right??

And what am I working on today??????

Well, see that black door????

It will no longer be black the next time you see it....



Brandi said...

love your pillows! I wish I had a monogramming machine too!

Attempting Aloha said...

Beautiful job! I need to start an "Overnight call projects" for the crafts I do while my husband is on call all night long.

And one day I'll be there with you on deployment projects. :(

I love to see that you stay so busy, though! Gives me hope that deployment isn't all depression and gloom for us wives left at home. ;)


Ellie said...

Love your pillows!

I'm not sure I've ever commented before - your ex neighbor Carey told me about your blog - and I love it!!

Thanks for serving our country!

Jill said...

Love them...ahem you friend moving to Hawaii would love to have one as a Christmas/going away present! LOL put the tutorial up, I will add it to the things i can make while sitting in a hotel room waiting for a house list. Yeah, watch for that!

Lindsay said...

Those are super cute!

Chris said...

Well done! I think your pillows look fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving.

Amy said...

I like your pillows better than the Ballard Design ones! Great job - they are beautiful! Now I am wishing I had a monogramming machine!

Stuff by Ash said...

Gorgeous! Love how they turned out.

Samantha said...

Just beautiful pillows, and I like your version better!!

Mel said...

Your cushions are seriously cute.

I used the same ballard inspired cushions to make my own.

Whitney @ Diary of A Preppy Mom said...

I'm your newest follower!! I adore those pillows! I may be copyig them, haha! I also love the idea of "deployment projects" - my husband is halfway through Naval Flight School and will be deploying next December!

Jen said...

I love your pillows!!!

susan said...

No these are not exactly like the Ballards pillows--they are MUCH cuter!! You are so very talented! I would love to have these!!!

Kristi said...

I love great knockoffs and I have to say this is one of my favorites! Awesome job!

I'd love it if you'd stop by and link these up to Favorite Things Friday over at The Speckled Dog.


Kim said...

I love, love, love them!!!

Pauline said...

I prefer your pillows to be honest. they are so fresh :o) Well done.

Inspired by you said...

I was just going to try to make some of these tomorrow. Yours look great!

Beth @ Free Stylin' said...

These are beautiful! I've looked and looked at them in the Ballard's catalog and wished I could make them. GREAT job!! Love the price, too!