Thursday, May 27, 2010

My New Babysitter

My new babysitter has arrived! Whoot! Whoot!

We have put off buying a play system for years....but we bit the bullet and bought a mombo jombo set for the girls!!!

They love it!

Now we're broke...but our kids will be entertained!!!


elisabeth (bovagoods) said...

that is the exact same rainbow system we have; only ours is 13 years old. and i am here to tell you it will last forever!!! ours was my nephew's and he is now 15. it has been through four moves and two different families. it is well worth the money!!! have fun!

Jill said...

my kids will be entertained too. HAHAHAH we are spending the whole summer at your house :)

Taylor said...

I loved that thing as a kid! Perfect in time for summer!

Lauren said...

We're thinking about getting Luke a play set too. We've been talking about it but haven't bit the bullet yet! Is it a Rainbow?

A Day In the Life of a Few Wrights said...

I know they will enjoy it! I ran across your blog from another one- and kept reading after I noticed you husband is military (mine is, too!), and when I saw the Auburn shirts, I kept on still, and then I came across the Citadel! I am from Alabama (graduated from the other university!!)- but my brother graduated from the Citadel and it had to be with your husband because he, too, is a member of the "last all male class"! Good luck on this deployment- been there and done that myself! God bless!