Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Lamp Re-Do

I have been wanting to put a little lamp in Faith's bathroom, but just haven't been able to come across a lamp I like and for a reasonable price.
So, this morning I went to my local Goodwill, and found this....

and this....Photobucket

I paid $4.00 total for the lamp shade and additional lamp with shade.
Brought it home, grabbed some spray paint and some scrap fabric....
30 minutes later I had this....
Cute isn't it??


It's not perfect, but for $4, I am totally fine with that.
Happy Tuesday, everyone!!


Shoofly Mama said...

Sweet. Love it! I did a redo lamp for Katie's room when we moved. So thrifty!

elisabeth (bovagoods) said...


Gabby said...

Perfect! That is too cute! Love me some Goodwill!!!!!!

Mandy said...

OH! You so crafty!! ;)

That looks awesome!

jen @ the inspiration studio said...

what a cute change! i love how it turned out!