Monday, March 5, 2012

Bump Update : 34 Weeks

34 Week Bump Update

Somehow I have made it through another week of pregnancy. The weeks are getting longer and the time is going by slower.

Come on, Baby P and get here!!

*How far along?: 34 weeks 1 day when this photo was taken

*Total weight gain: around 25.5 pounds total...still keeping my fingers crossed to keep it under 35 pounds. I know the water weight is coming soon....hoping it's less than 10 lbs of it! Just 36 days left!

*How big is baby?: About 18 inches in length and around 5-6lbs....he's measuring big (18 days bigger) so this number could be WAY off. I can tell you that he's big enough to cause me alot of pain when he moves!

*Sleep?: Surprisingly, I have been sleeping great. Once I get comfortable (that can take 20 minutes or so) I fall asleep and sleep well. I can remember not sleeping well at all with my previous 2 pregnancies, so I am glad there are no issues so far this time...

*Best moment this week?: Getting close to finishing up the nursery, and finally feeling like I am ready for this baby. Took a trip to Babies R Us this past weekend and picked up loose ends that I still needed, and painted a set of cubbies that I put in the babies room. Now the only thing left to do is stock the cubbies I painted, and get my glider cushions back from the upholsterer.

*Movement?:  I seriously think I am going to go into early labor because of this baby's strong movements. He HURTS me when he moves, and he is in constant motion. I'm am so eager to see how big this baby is....these movements are not being made by a tiny little boy, that's for sure.

*Food cravings?: Water and fruit....a box of clementines lasts me about 4 days...and raw veggies taste great too...but no other cravings...still have no desire to eat sweets or drink coffee (my 2 pre-pregnancy loves)...however, I did snack on a bag of M&M's I bought at Target the other day...and they were yummy!!!

*Labor signs?: No...but I'm expecting them soon. Something just tells me I will go pretty early with this baby....maybe I am speaking too soon....but holy cow I am so uncomfortable and miserable! This baby is measuring big, so he's almost out of room...but according to my scheduled c-section I still have 36 days to go!!! I just don't think I will make it that far! least I hope I don't!

*Belly button in or out?: It's out, and has been out...and sometimes the baby will stick his heel right in my belly button, which makes it stick out even further! ha!
 *What I miss:I really miss feeling comfortable....and having energy. Ready to run a race again, and get back into weight lifting and training....Boy, do I miss being in shape and the great feeling that comes along with it. And I am sure my family would agree that they are ready for me to lose the crankiness....I tend to be cranky most of the time....I even get on my own nerves sometimes. haha!

*What I’m looking forward to:With just 36 days to go from today, I am really looking forward to getting this little boy here for all to see. I'm ready to start the next chapter of my life, and complete my family. I know God is blessing us with the perfect son for my husband and me, and the perfect little brother for my older girls. Looking forward to getting him here safely and enjoying him!!!  I am very nervous about my c-section this time because I am currently on blood thinners that could interfere with my surgery, and that has me a little more nervous than last time.  Once I get to 36 weeks they will switch my blood thinners to one that is more compatible with surgery, and I can relax a little...but I need to make it 2 more weeks in order for that to happen.  As miserable as I am, I hope this little guy waits til 36 weeks to make his debut!

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