Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Bump Update: 37 Weeks...Almost there!

I made it to FULL TERM!!

As miserable as this pregnancy has been, I really didn't think I would make it this far....but I have...Yippee....and sadly, the misery continues, but will be over shortly.

My c-section is scheduled just 15 days from today...April 10th...

I can't believe I am so close to having this sweet little boy!

37 Weeks

*How far along?:    37 weeks 2days when this photo was taken...I need a fork life to hold up my belly!!!!! ;-)

*Total weight gain:   around 30-31 pounds now....still doing great to keep it at or below 35 pounds....just 15 days to go and 5 pounds to spare.....but the water weight is packing on. Hoping it's not more than 4lbs of water!

*How big is baby?:    The OB/GYN has already told me she thought this baby is going to be 10lbs at if that's the case, this little guy is already about 20in in length and 8-9 lbs.....I grow them big, remember!!! NO little babies in our family!

*Sleep?:   Amazingly, I am sleeping great....I remember with my other 2 pregnancies being up all night all of the time....that happens here and there with this pregnancy. But I can't complain about my sleep...

*Best moment this week?:  Making it to 37 weeks, knowing I am full term now! I have been miserable this entire pregnancy, but I was willing to do what it took to make it to full term in hopes of having a healthy baby. Even though there are a lot of unknowns right now with his birth, I am happy to have made it to the point where I know he is "cooked" and ready to bless us with his arrival!

*Movement?:  SOOOOOO much movement...he even stuck a FOOT up yesterday, and my husband and kids got to see the outline of his foot....I, on the other hand, screamed in pain when he did that and immediately started crying. His movements are so strong and painful. (I rev'ed up the blender to make a smoothie this weekend and he jumped!!! ha!)

*Food cravings?:  Water and fruit...and this weekend, I had a HUGE craving for a Coke!!! What?!?!? I haven't had a soft drink is years, and I was dying for a Coke!

*Labor signs?:  No....but lots of pressure and pain in my pelvis. Sometimes it hurts to walk. At the doctor on Thursday I was dilated to 2cm....I could walk around like this for the next 2 weeks, or it cold be the beginning of labor. We will find out, for sure!!!

*Belly button in or out?:   It's out, and has been out...and sometimes the baby will stick his heel right in my belly button, which makes it stick out even further! ha!
 *What I miss:  My energy!!! I also miss being able to eat....for 9 months now I have had to watch every bite I put in my mouth for fear of it making me sick. I told my husband once this baby is born we are headed to a buffet where I can eat myself sick!!!!!!

*What I’m looking forward to:   We are just 15 days away from delivery....or maybe even sooner....I am really getting excited, yet overwhelmed with a bunch of emotions,  about seeing this baby. I can't wait to see him and hold him for the first time, and see what features he inherited from my husband and me, and see if he resembles the girls.....I'm eager to see my husband hold his son for the first time, and eager for everyone else to see him. Can't wait to complete our family with this new many exciting things coming up for us. But I am very nervous about going back into baby mode, and praying my girls adjust to the "new norm".....


Mrs. C. said...

You look beautiful!!! Hope that your little one comes soon!

SaffaKate said...

Thats so cute that he jumped when you switched on the blender. I feel like you are really lucky to know that your little one will definitely be here in 2 weeks. The waiting is going to kill me. (I'll be 37 weeks on Fri)
Good luck with these last few days.

BabiesandBargains said...

I went from 2-3 with a lot of stress around us...But it seemed to be okay...My issues weren't with the kids I think it was more so my kids were exactly 2 years apart...You will do great!