Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Bump Update : 36 Weeks

Are we there yet?!?!?!?

This is officially the longest pregnancy EVER....not sure why other pregnancies seem to fly by, and mine seem to drag....but I promise you, my weeks go by alot slower than any other pregnant woman. ha!

36 Week Update

*How far along?: 36 weeks when this photo was taken

*Total weight gain:around 30 pounds now....doing great on my goal to keep it around 35 pounds. Thank goodness...but I FINALLY have an appetite, so I seem to have gained the most weight here at the end.

*How big is baby?: Who knows?!? My dr seems to think he's between 8-9 pounds already...and will be 10 pounds at delivery, if I make it to my delivery date.....I surely hope not

*Sleep?:Hit and Miss this week....Friday night/Saturday Morning I was up from 3am-6am wide awake. It's amazing how much you can get accomplished when the rest of the house is sleeping!! Otherwise, sleeping okay.

*Best moment this week?: My blood thinners were switched!!!!! Yay! This was a huge deal for me. This means I can be awake for my c-section. On the other thinners I was on, I would have been put to sleep had I gone into labor....but not now. I am in the clear to have my c-section and be awake for all of the "fun"!!!! I was so scared I wouldn't make it this far, but I did!!

*Movement?:  Constant. Yesterday in church, this little guy moved the entire hour. And the movements at the end of the hour I was worn out!!! Some movements can bring me to my knees in pain...others aren't so bad. There's no doubt there is a BIG baby growing in my belly!

*Food cravings?: Still drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruit....clementines and strawberries are my favorite. Have had a few cravings for sweets....and pretzels are still delicious!!! And I love my protein shake smoothies....I have one a day, usually for breakfast, but I would make one 3 times a day if I could!

*Labor signs?:No, but I sure would love to have some...I will be considered full term this coming weekend, so I welcome signs of labor!!! 

*Belly button in or out?: It's out, and has been out...and sometimes the baby will stick his heel right in my belly button, which makes it stick out even further! ha!
 *What I miss:Bending....I need a fork lift to get me out of bed or out of a take for granted the ability to bend until you aren't able to....

*What I’m looking forward to: As of today, just 22 days to go at the most...hoping that number gets cut in half! At this point I am looking forward to getting this baby here...we've been waiting on him a LONG time and we are ready to see what he looks like....and acts like...what he likes and what he doesn't like....who does he look like?....does he have my mouth or his Daddy's?.....etc....the excitement and suspense is building!!!!

**And I have the nursery finished.....well, as finished as it's going to be....I've just run out of energy to do anything else in it...and seeing that he won't be sleeping in it for a while after he is born, I doubt he will care!!! I plan to get a blog post with all the pictures together this week....but until then, here is a sneek peek......

Check back later this week where I will have photos of the entire room!!!!


Whitney @ Diary of A Preppy Mom said...

Ok! WOW! I followed EVERY single one of your deployment project posts ... and then you took a little hiatus and so did I ... well I just checked in today (for the first time in a long time, obviously) and you are pregnant!!! That's AWESOME! Congratulations!!! :) I love the name and I love the nursery!

BabiesandBargains said...

What an adorable little boys room! You look great by the way! I hope that baby comes soon a big baby must be painful with all those kicks