Friday, September 12, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday My Sweet Baby Brooke....

TWO years ago today God blessed our family with the birth of our second daughter. Brooke Katherine was born on September 12, 2006 at 5:09am, weighing in at 7 lbs. 13oz. She was quite the surprise, being 15 days early! Our lives haven't been the same since that day! ....nor have our sleep patterns....

I always laugh and joke about what a handful Miss Brooke is...but she honestly is the "busiest" child I have ever met! She stays on the go, barely slowing down to even take a bite. She has yet to sit down at the table for a full meal...which is why we dread going to restaurants with her...and she has never watched the tv screen for more than 30 seconds. But, with all that said, my baby Brokoe has a sweet side to her too. Any time someone is upset, Brooke is the first to walk up and give you a hug...even if it's a stranger at Wal-Mart (haha)..... She's just so stinkin' cute, it's hard to be mad at her for long....

Miss Brooke definitely knows what she likes....her security blanket (that you see in about 99% of all photos taken), her big "sissy", strawberries, fruit snacks, baby dolls, pennies (yes, pennies), and ANY pair of shoes she sees lying around. ( I have never seen a kid so obsessed with shoes in all my life!)

And of course, she knows what she DOESN'T like...(and enjoys vocalizing it where ever we are)....she doesn't like any food that's not a fruit, a dirty diaper (who does?), being told "no", or new people. She's such a mommy's girl and wants to be held all the time. Ryan and I have nicknamed her "The Treefrog".

We are oh so glad we have Brooke in our family, and know life would only be half the fun if she were not in it. She's given us tons of laughs over the last 2 years with her humorous and loving personality....she's also been the reason I have tons of gray hair....but we love our Brookie, and are so proud of the little girl she has become over her first 2 years here on Earth! We love you our Sweet Baby Brooke! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY OUR PRECIOUS ANGEL!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of our Birthday Girl over the last 2 years...

A Sneak Peek at Brooke..ultrasound @ 20 weeks

Last picture of Brooke in my belly...taken an hour before Brooke was born!

She's here!!!!

Our first family picture together!!!!

Halloween 2006

My Pageant Queen!!! Infant Miss Poultry Festival Queen AND Miss Photogenic!


Karen Pounds said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!! Paige, she is so beautiful! I love being able to keep up with you and your family this. Keep the blogs coming!

Carolina said...

from you auntie carolina, chris, lia and alex!