Thursday, December 15, 2011

Baby Bump Update: 22 Weeks

  22 Week Bump Update
*How far along?: 22 weeks 4 days when this photo was taken

*Total weight gain: I had a doctor's appt this past Monday and I have gained a total of 11 lbs...which means I gained a whopping 6 pounds in a month!!!! Oh my! However, I am on the low end of weight gain (for now). Don't forget I gained 77 lbs with my first pregnancy, and 50lbs with my I am really trying hard to keep it under 40 this go around!!

*How big is baby?: as big as a spaghetti squash....??? Not even sure what one of those look like. But I can tell you it's 12 in long and about a pound in weight!!!!

*Sleep?: I've had a few nights where I have been WIDE awake at 2am and up for a couple hours...but the last 3 nights have been great. I even slept through the night without a single potty break! YEAH!

*Best moment this week?: This past Saturday we had our gender reveal party to reveal the baby's sex.....We were able to tell the world we are having a little BOY!!!! (after 2 girls, a boy was our preference, however we would have been happy with a girl too!)

*Movement?:Little man in my belly is a mniature Karate Kid....the jabs can already be painful..he's a powerful little guy!

*Food cravings?: Still loving clementines....but still no overwhelming cravings...

*Labor signs?: No, thank Goodness. 

*Belly button in or out?: Ugh, it's out. Look at the picture... ;(

*What I miss: Can I say "running" again? Went to the gym today with a fellow pregnant running friend, who ran 4 miles at an 8:30 pace right beside me as I struggled to do 35 minutes on the eliptical....and she's 18 weeks along....just amazing!!!!    However, I am grateful I am still moving. I'll take 35 minutes of the eliptical over that stinkin' bed rest I was on earlier in my pregnancy!

*What I’m looking forward to: Now that we know this baby is a little BOY I am looking forward to getting his nursery started. Deciding on colors and patterns right now, but won't get started until after Christmas....


SaffaKate said...

YAY! Congrats on the little boy. How perfect!

Marsha said...

congrats on the boy and thank you for the comment and sweet prayers.