Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your LIfe--Your Wedding Dress

Over at Kelly's Corner she has a different "Show Us Your Life" theme each Friday. This Friday it's "Show Us Your Wedding Dress."

I was married on July 17, 1999, so it's been TEN years since my special day....but I still think I would pick the same dress over again. My mom and I shopped all over for my wedding dress, and the one I ended up wearing was the VERY first one I tried on!!

My dress was pretty simple. I didn't want any sequins and flashy crystals on it...

Here is my sweet father walking me down the aisle...

This is my favorite wedding picture out of the gazillion that were taken. This was during our first dance. Good gracious, I was so happy!!! (and still am!)

Here I am waiting on the ceremony to favorite color flower is a pale yellow that's all I wanted for my wedding bouquet....

Here we are dancing the night away! The photographer actually used this picture for his ad in local magazines!!

Okay, one last picture....sorry I am getting carried away....This is another fun one that was taken...we were having so much fun!!!

Okay, I am done. Next week, Kelly is asking for pics of the wedding stay tuned!


Tara G. said...

You sound like me- now flashy bling on the dress, just simple and elegant! Same with the flowers! You looked stunning!

Khordaddy said...

Very pretty dress! I love the picture where your hubby is dipping you while dancing...I should have dipped my wife at our wedding!

Mandy said...

That's so funny! The dress I bought ended up being the VERY FIRST ONE I tried on too (after dozens).

I love your new family picture, your girls are precious!