Monday, July 13, 2009

Back From Vacation

Whew~... I have that " I need a vacation from vacation" feeling!

We are back home from an amazing 10 day vacationin Destin, FL. We used to live there, so it's like going home for me. I miss is so terribly much.

We went a few days early to hang out with our "local" friends...and then on to the beach to meet my best friend of 20+ years and 3 other family friends for a fun week at the beach.

LOVE going to Destin with these other 3 families. I consider them all a very important part of my life, even though we don't get to see some of them but once a year. We all rent a house and pile the adults and kids, and even 2 babysitters, in it for the week. What you think would be a hectic week, with 9 kids, 8 adults and 2 teenagers is actually a very fun week. One family brings the babysitters along so that the adults can have fun nights out!! It's so much fun, and the one week I think I look most forward to during the year. Our kids love each other, and all have a blast.... I always leave with a great feeling being around these friends...but a sad heart, knowing I have to wait a whole year to hang out with them again!

Here are some pics from our fun week....

My "local" friends...some of the BEST friends ever...miss these girls...

Fun times on the beach with my vacation family!

...and some family pics and cute snap shots...

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