Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life-Wedding Party

Over at Kelly's Korner she has a new "Show Us Your Life" theme each Friday. Last Friday it was show us your wedding gown. This Friday it's "show us your bridesmaids dresses, flowers, etc"...Some of mine were shown last Friday, and it looks like you will get a double dose of them. We got married in 1999, before the time of digital photography...can you believe that??? I'm old enough to remember life before digital cameras?? Wow, I feel old. So, the only pics I have are ones that have been scanned....sorry for the not-near-great quality.

Anyway, I got married on July 17,1999 and my bridesmaids dresses were a color called amathyst...I couldn't find any shoes to match, so I picked out some silver ones. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I was dead set on having yellow and pink flowers...which didn't match the bridemaids dresses....WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I would SOOOOOOO totally do this whole color scheme thing over again.....I would like to think I am much better at coordinating colors now. :)

Here is Ryan with my can see teh purple dresses and pink/yellow flowers..

Ryan with all the groomsmen. They all wore "tails".

Before the wedding, here I am with my bridesmaids. See the silver shoes sticking out?!?!

Here is my best friend, Carolina.

Here's the funniest part...MY BASKET WEAVE CAKE! At the time, I just let my mom pick out the cake, since I really didn't care....but she picked a basket weave....oh my!!! That shows you how Southern we truly are! haha!

Okay, that's it! I think next week's theme is the reception...I have some funny ones for that one, so check back!

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Kelly M said...

I didn't realize Beth was in your wedding! Girl...silver shoes! LOL