Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Bump Update: 29 Weeks

29 Week Bump Update 

*How far along?: 29 weeks 1 day when this photo was taken

*Total weight gain: Roughly 20 pounds. I am sure that number will go WAY up (like last time) since the water retention will start very soon! My body just LURVES to retain fluid so that I look like a whale with legs. Mild swelling in my ankles right now, but only if I have been on my feet for a while. Hoping the swelling stays down the next 2 months!

*How big is baby?: About 15.5 inches long and 3 pounds....but I am sure my little overachiever is different....he's feels as if he's 10 pounds already!

*Sleep?: Actually have been sleeping really well this past week. Falling asleep pretty easily, and other than the 3 or so bathroom visits throughout the night, I am staying asleep. Fingers crossed it stays this way!

*Best moment this week?: Knowing I get to have my ultrasound (TODAY) to take one last peek at this little guy. It will be the last chance (as far as I know) to get a look at him before he blesses us with his presence. Can't wait to see how much he has changed since his 20 week ultrasound! I'm headed out the door in just a few minutes for my appointment! Yay!
...although some of his movements can bring me to my knees because they hurt!

*Food cravings?: Water! Water! Water!  Nothing else to speak of, really. Been eating an English muffin with peanut butter on it and a clementine for breakfast...spinach salad for lunch....and lots  of munching on pretzels! !

*Labor signs?: Braxton Hicks contractions several times....not too fun...but I can tolerate them.What hurts is the pressure I am starting to feel in my pelvis...I guess he's getting so big it's starting to make me feel really uncomfortable....and I still have almost 10 weeks left?!?!? Yikes!

*Belly button in or out?: .Out...waaay out....I have strangers in the check out line tell me how cute my "outy" belly button is. I've learned not to even cover it up...with a 3rd pregnancy I just don't really care if others notice.

*What I miss: Everything that has to do with NOT being pregnant. I still, at 29 weeks, have trouble eating without feeling sick. It's been hard finding something that tastes good AND sits well on my stomach. I told my husband I want to go to the buffet when we leave the hospital and just stuff my face with anything and everything I can! ha!

*What I’m looking forward to:  My ultrasound today...and one day finally stopping these injections I am giving myself. Giving yourself 2 shots a day in the stomach is so old, and my poor belly is bruised up like someone hit me with a baseball bat! But, I know it will be worth it in the end! Just 2 months to go!!!!!!

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Kimberly said...

first of all, you looke absolutely ADORABLE!!! second, where did this belly come from?? i just saw you!!