Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Bump Update: 27 Weeks

27 Week Bump Update

*How far along?: 27 weeks 2 days when this photo was taken

*Total weight gain:around 20 pounds....just over 11 weeks to go...I may be able to FINALLY have a pregnancy that I can keep under 50 pounds!!

*How big is baby?: About 15 inches long and 2 pounds in weight! He's packing on the fat now!!

*Sleep?: I've been sleeping pretty good this week. I hope it continues. Some nights I am up just once to use the restroom, other nights I'm up 4 times...but I am able to go right back to sleep, thank goodness.

*Best moment this week?: Going to my regular OB appointment and finding out that I get to have another ultrasound on the 30th....nothing to worry about; the dr. just wants to see how big the baby is and just do a routine check! But I am excited to know I get to take another peek at this little one...I'm excited to see how much he has grown since we last saw him at our 20 week ultrasound!

*Movement?: He continues to be active....very squirmy...and has even had the hiccups a few times this past week.

*Food cravings?: Not really....only want water to drink...and healthy foods like spinach salads with lemon juice and olive oil dressing. Cottage Cheese sits well on my stomach, and clementines continue to taste really good to me. But there is nothing I will knock you over to get to as far as cravings go. Thankfully, raw veggies and fruit taste the best to me!!

*Labor signs?: No, thank Goodness....I have to make it to 36 weeks before I can have any labor signs. That's when they will switch my blood thinners to something more compatible with labor (long story...maybe I will do a whole post on being on blood thinners while pregnant!

*Belly button in or out?: It's out, and has been out....BUT, I do have a hernia, so that makes it stick out sooner. Will have to look into getting it fixed once the baby is here.

*What I miss: Taking a deep breath!!!! I can't seem to EVER catch my breath's pretty sad, but I can't help it. I can just be sitting around and all of the sudden feel out of breath.  So, I am careful to take it easy so I don't pass out and make matters worse!

*What I’m looking forward to:  Fabric for the bedding is in...getting started on that this week. Still working on the nursery little by little...ready to get it finished, but I have a long way to go!

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Amanda said...

You are too cute! Congrats!!