Thursday, December 11, 2008

Videos of Brooke

Here are 2 sweet little videos of Brooke taken recently... She is singing Itsy Bity Spider in one, although it's a VERY chopped up version... The other video is of her counting to 10...then 8...then 9....she was sitting in my lap while counting, so I grabbed my camera, which happened ot be beside the lighting is not the it's a spur of the moment video... For those of you who know know that she is a VERY late talker...we have been waiting (and waiting) on Brooke to begin to talk...and she's finally starting to talk, just within the last 2 weeks....Faith was speaking paragraphs at this age, and Brooke is just now beginning to speak where you can inderstand her...even though we have a long way to go....

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