Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tacky Christmas and Stealing Presents..

We had our Christmas party for our Sunday School clas here at our house this weekend. Everyone (was supposed to) come wearing their tackiest Christmas attire....some did, some didn't....but we still had a load of fun with our friends!

We all brought a $5 gift and did a White Elephant gift exchange...where you draw numbers and you pick gifts out of a pile in order of your number. Then the next number in line can steal a gift that has already been opened, or pick from the pile of unopened gifts. It was quite hilarious....everyone was stealing one another's would never have guessed we were all in the same Sunday School class at times....but a fun time was had by cheeks hurt from laughing so much...

I love my friends in my Sunday School class...we are more than just a bunch of people who meet on Sundays...we see each other during the week, and are always there for one another. God has placed us in the BEST Sunday School class, and put us with people I am proud to call my dear friends! God is soo good!

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The Tylers said...

Hey Paige. I love your blog! You have such a precious family and I must say you DO have an awesome Sunday School class...I recognize quite a few people. Hope you have an awesome week.